“Ringing dew drops, beneath the waves” TONE festival, UK

TONE festival in Chatham, Kent, England (16-22 June, 2014) – link

“Ringing dew drops, beneath the waves” consists of two installations and three performances (including one duo performance with Adrien Silvestre). One of the installations is the first collaborative work with Adrien Silvestre using ice blocks with video images capturing a local submarine “Black Widow”. The underwater recordings of the submarine is also used in the performance.

Tomoko Sauvage realizes for the first time in UK her long-durational performances within her ephemeral installation using water, porcelain bowls and crystal ice. For the TONE festival, she is fully inspired by magical moments of midsummer as well as the local submarine half-immersed in the river. Sauvage has been developing her original instrument ‘waterbowls’, porcelain bowls of water amplified with hydrophones (underwater microphones). In her recent performances, the resonance of the space plays an important role, affecting the vibrations of the water and the air creating feedback finely controlled with water waves and drops. For the TONE festival, performances will be held at dawn and at dusk to make the most of midsummer magic. Sauvage is also particularly touched by the local presence of the enigmatic submarine, “Black Widow” because of the fact that the hydrophones she uses for her music were originally developed to detect submarines during the wars.