Green Music

Francesco Cavaliere and Tomoko Sauvage, both musicians and artists, re-interpret the piece by the fluxus composer Henning Christiansen, as a tribute to his mad love for the color green.

For their sound installation/performance of Green Music, Cavaliere and Sauvage play green sculptures, icons, plants, tea, minerals, glass, ceramic and green-painted synthesizers as an homage to Christiansen who painted his ear and violin in green. Surrounded by a small collection of green curiosity, the two artists play glass bowls filled with water and leaves, diving in an aquatic rhythm amplified by hydrophones.

The music of Henning Christiansen comes from the 20th Century avant garde but does not sit comfortably amongst any of the recognisable patterns within that field. A turning point in his creative output came in the year 1984 when he created a piece that was a deeper reflection on nature. He called it Green-ear-year, a signpost to listen to nature. A number of sketches and watercolours he made throughout this year all pointed to the act of listening to what is out there. Henning Christiansen was sympathetic with all sounds. He did not distinguish a hierarchy amongst any of them. Cavaliere comments this approach to sound and the symbolic act of colouring in green his own ears and instrument: “For me it is a kind of spell that is operated when one colors his ear. Christiansen created a magic potion that attracts all the sounds with green properties. He makes us almost imagine that anything coming into contact with the painted auditory organ takes the same color, transforming itself; a sort of inner mutation triggered by that gesture reflected on the body”.

Text from Xing, Bologna