Green Music

Green Music O' Milan 2

Francesco Cavaliere and Tomoko Sauvage re-interpret the work by the fluxus artist and composer Henning Christiansen. For their installation / performance, Sauvage and Cavaliere play green sculptures and instruments combining mineral, glass, plants and painted synthesizers.

Green Music is a vehicle that leads the duo into a new musical imagination connecting scores, actions, choreography and sculpture enlivened by animal voices, wind and underwater creatures.

Henning Christiansen fell in love with this color in the 80’s – his obsession was to
the point where he involved his family to paint their ears green.

Cavaliere says: “to me it is a kind of spell that switches on when you color your ear. It
becomes like the magnetic field that attracts all the sounds with green properties as if anything coming into contact with the painted ear gains the same properties.”

Narrowing the spectrum between blue and yellow, the two come across a lot of stories and art theories on this color. Since the beginning of the project, Sauvage and Cavaliere have been coincidentally collecting superstitions and myths about this color that are different from country to country : in France, green in a theater brings a curse ; in China, a man wearing a green hat means his wife is cheating on him etc…”

Telephone was also a favorite motif of Henning Christiansen in his drawings. Telephone – the fate of spacecraft, as if talking on the phone would eliminate the presence of the body, projecting us into another place. Tomoko Sauvage and Francesco Cavaliere, when they play Green Music surrounded by a small collection of green curiosity : statuettes, clay, plants, oil and fluorescent elements, those become excellent amulets to boost their sound waves and underwater pendulums.

The two artists have been broadening their musical references : Hiroshi Yoshimura and
his new-age music album, “Green” (1986), Walter Tilgner and his Naturaufnahmen,
published by Wergo in 1985 around the time when Christiansen was recording “Symphony Natura” in the Zoo of Rome in collaboration with Lorenzo Mammi (1985). Moreover a lot of environmental, healing and meditative music was often called exactly “green music” !

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Q-O2, Brussels
Théâtre Berthelot, Paris

Empty Gallery, Hong Kong
Xing, Bologna
O’, Milan