Green Music

Green Music O' Milan 2

Green Music is a duo project by Francesco Cavaliere (IT/DE) and Tomoko Sauvage (JP/FR) active since 2016. Green Music gives life to an imaginary score of green shaded stories with their sculptures and icons enlivened by animal voices, wind and underwater flora. Their musical and visual theories come from superstitions, myths, matters and materials coincidentally collected while traveling in different parts of the world as well as the precious heritage of Henning Christiansen.




8 March 2018 – Cafe OTO, London
Also coming to Riga, Reims, Caen…

<past shows>
Q-O2, Brussels
Théâtre Berthelot, Paris

Empty Gallery, Hong Kong
Xing, Bologna
O’, Milan
Festival INFRA at Gallery Yamamoto Gendai, Tokyo (exhibition, concert)
3hd Festival at HAU2, Berlin