Green Music

Green Music O' Milan 2

Francesco Cavaliere and Tomoko Sauvage create musical pieces and installations that
explore various beliefs and imaginations hovering around green. By transforming
found green objects into invented instruments and scenography, each piece becomes a
dedication to a specific situation, an anecdote or a symbol, sometimes real and other
times delusive, that the artists have encountered through travels and conversations.
The Chinese myth about a man wearing a green hat, naming of Japanese traffic light
colors or the imaginary chants of twin green dolphins jumping over a underwater
tennis coat… Each of these stories inspired Sauvage and Cavaliere for their personal
research on music making with raw and synthesized idiophones, stage landscape
design as graphic scores, spontaneous field recording and organized improvisation.




<past shows>
Q-O2, Brussels
Théâtre Berthelot, Paris

Empty Gallery, Hong Kong
Xing, Bologna
O’, Milan
Festival INFRA at Gallery Yamamoto Gendai, Tokyo (exhibition, concert)
3hd Festival at HAU2, Berlin