SimulationSP087-3Musique Hydrmantique released on LP/ CD/ DL – Shelter Press – October 26, 2017

“Her light touch, calm focus, devotion to chance, and reverently ceremonial performances makes it seem like these curious and magical sounds have always existed (just outside our threshold of hearing) and were patiently waiting millennia for an especially sensitive channeler to turn up and finally bring them to our attention.  In some ways that is true, but there is also a great deal of intelligence and ego-less artistry in how they are harnessed and presented here. …. Musique Hydromantique is a work very much in the tradition of visionary folks like Alvin Lucier and La Monte Young: it is an album that only Sauvage could have made and it is hard to imagine anyone else taking this direction any further, yet this simple, pure, and meditative work is a beguiling self-contained world that reveals a wealth of intriguing new possibilities.” – Anthony D’Amico – Brainwashed





vlcsnap-2018-07-05-14h30m18s27 « Pacific Pacific »  newly commissioned music video work for « Fourth Worlds – L’ethnographie imaginaire dans l’exprérimentation musicale et sonore » at Jeu de Paume, Paris






_DSC2263-GREEN MUSIC by Tomoko Sauvage & Francesco Cavaliere ::: next shows ->  Caen, Reims..  and more… Photo : Aiko Okamoto






Video footage “Kokekoko, Fantomo Arboro Vento, Oiseaux Bizarres” of the 40-hour workshop with 60 children in Brittany (autumn 2017) about fantastic creatures and transformation of the school environment through electro-acoustic music and drawings






DSC00517Anemone – cassette release on Shadowtrash Tape Group, Colorado 2016






temporare view with windowIn Curved Water   Photo : Jens Ziehe






tomokosauvage_infra copyWaterbowls ::: next shows -> Riga, Cumbria (UK), Manchester, Sheffield, Uganda, Eupen (BE)… Photo : Yoshihiro Inada






0012285463_10 “In Some Brighter Sphere” compiled on “In Death’s Dream Kingdom” by Houndstooth






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